Friday, October 3, 2014

Fighting Tests

Well its been over a year since I posted much, life took over a bit and the move to America and starting a new job took its toll. But I have been animating! I have been working on some stylized animations, trying to push weight, timing and poses: Firstly I want to point out that I took Ref/Inspiration from many areas like movies/anime, but these 2 shots really stand out for me:

In these 2 examples the use of poses, timing and staging is awesome, aswell as the use of objects to create some amazing shapes in maya.

So with that in mind I started with a sword test:    
Hiroshi Sword Test from Warren Goff on Vimeo.
Rig: Hiroshi.

One of the areas I was exploring is smear frames, in this I only smeared the sword but I would like to go back and add smear poses to the character :)

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