Sunday, August 1, 2010

Double Take

As promised a Double Take using the Norman Rig in Maya. It took me most of Sunday afternoon to do this!

This is done with the Norman Rig:

I'm quite happy with it but think that the timing needs changing a little, the beats are to linear. you can almost tap the rhythm very evenly (which is bad) Live and learn I guess!

Next week I am going to make a cartoony walk cycle using the squirrely rig!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Animation Test

Hey so its been a while! Ive been working hard and enjoying the summer, I did some animation tests way back in Feb/March and totally forgot to upload them.
So here goes:

This is done with the Moom Rig and was my first test:

The rest of these are done with the Norman Rig:

Doing these gave me a crash course in Maya which im starting to like using more than Max!

Next up I want to do a Double take, a throwing example and a walk cycle, I also want to finish the 11secClub entry for April that I started so watch this space!